How It Works - 3 Easy Steps

STEP 1. Login & Click on your favourite shopping website listed above

We are trying to bring every major shopping website with us to give you cashback, but If in case your favourite shopping destination is not listed above, just mail us at, so that we can list it above and you can get cashback on it too !!!

STEP 2. Choose any Deal /Offer & click on Grab Deal button to go to your favourite shopping site via Pullbird & shop to get Cashback

In addition to the coupons of shopping sites, we give you Extra Cashback - which is REAL cash, when you click-out to your shopping website via Pullbird & Shop.

STEP 3. Cashback gets added to your pullbird wallet and can be redeem as real cash via mobile recharge or directly by bank transfer.

Since you shopped via Pullbird, retailers pay us commission and we share this with you as 'CASHBACK'. This is added to your Pullbird account within 48 hours of shopping. Confirmed Cashback can be redeem as real cash through Bank Transfer or through mobile recharge.
So, you get maximum savings when you shop through pullbird.


What is pullbird

Pullbird brings the unique concept of giving EXTRA CASHBACK on every product you purchase via Pullbird. Apart from cashbacks/deals/offers from shopping websites, we give you extra cashback on each product which is REAL CASH and can be redeem directly by BANK TRANSFER or through mobile recharge

Where do this EXTRA CASHBACK comes from ???

Whenever someone shop through us, we recieve commision from the shopping sites. We share this commission with you in the form of EXTRA CASHBACK , which you can redeem by transferring in you bank directly or through mobile recharge. So, its a win-win situation for both of us. For any query regarding cashback mail us at, we will respond within an hour.recharge

Is Using/Sign up on Pullbird free of cost ?

Of course !!! It is absolutely free and will always be. In fact you get to earn EXTRA CASHBACK, to maximize your savings.

An estimate of how much can I save ?

Its depends on you. Sky is the limit. The more you shop through Pullbird, the more EXTRA CASHBACK will be awarded to your pullbird account and could be redeem any time.

I want to buy a product, but can't see in offers section

If you want to buy a certain product which is not listed in offers section, then just click on any Grab Deal button which will take you to shopping site, now you can search that product on shopping site and shop, you will still get EXTRA CASHBACK through us.

Sign-up to get EXTRA Cashback on every purchase Enter your Email ID. We promise to keep it to ourselves!